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“In a large proportion of patients who experience vulvar pain, the cause for the pain is not found, although a thorough evaluation is performed. It is assumed that the cause may be a defect in the nervous conduction system, which produces the feeling of pain and discomfort. When this is the case, there are ways to treat the pain. The problem arises when these complaints are answered with contempt or attributed to psychological "issues" or the patient's imagination. It should be acknowledged, that although we often do not find any physical sign, pain is a real sensation.


While vulvodynia for example is present in 10 -15% of women, those who experience pain during intercourse, whether by penetration (including inserting a tampon, for example) or as a result of any type of vaginal contact (not just sex, but also because of wearing of pants that are too tight, for example), already make up a wider proportion of the population. Up to 40 % of women suffer from pain during genital contact and about 20% of them describe the pain as unbearable and as preventing them from functioning sexually.

We hope the cannabis-based products will join our current therapeutic toolbox and may be used for treating vulvodynia and other pain syndromes in the future."

Prof. Ahinoam Lev-Sagie, MD