New Standard
of Well-Being Therapeutics


Neswell Group specializes in the development of innovative cannabinoid based formulations (low THC) and advanced delivery methods, which will be integrated into a variety of daily-use wellness OTC products for pain and inflammation disorders.

Our team of experts brings
pharma-grade standards into the development of our projects, in order to deliver scientifically and clinically proven products into the market.


Our products will have IP protection, contain full-spectrum formulations, and will be based on varieties that are developed and cultivated on our farms.


To create advanced and clinically validated, anti- inflammatory, anti-microbial and analgesic formulations based on our full-spectrum model screening pipeline, that will be administrated with unique drug delivery methods.


Pioneering data-driven research towards novel medical cannabis solutions that will utilize the true potential of the Endocannabinoid System. Thus, positively impacting the  well-being of people worldwide.









We have developed a strong validation process into the creation of our formulation and OTC products

Research of innovative ECS upregulation properties

Confirm delivery, bio-availability and upscaling

Screen via in-house
in-vitro pipeline

Validate by Clinical trial

Develop novel formulation and IP process

Approve products and manufacture


OUR team

Ron Shimoni

Co-Founder &CEO

A multidisciplinary  business leader  with track record  of managing  companies in the  tech world. MBA in Strategic management and Innovation. Vast knowledge and connections in the cannabis world.

Jonathan Cohen

Head of innovation and farms R&D

M.Sc. in Plant Science from the Hebrew University and has led a variety of R&D projects.

Jonathan has extensively advised as a scientific consultant for cannabis companies.

Dr. Ofra Benny, PH.D

Expert in Formulations and drug Delivery methods

A faculty member in the Hebrew University, with PH.D from Harvard Medical school. Has more than ten years of experience in biological/medical research and nanotechnology.

Noa Leibovitch, Ph.D

Scientific & strategic advisor

Noa brings more than 20 years of experience from Teva. Noa was a member of the Global R&D senior management team, lead Teva small molecule discovery and Branded Product Development and was a permanent member of the Teva-Lonza Board of Directors . Has vast experience in drug development in numerous indications. 

Prof. Oded Shoseyov

Co-Founder & CSO


A leading researcher and a faculty member in the Hebrew University. Expert in plant  molecular biology and  Nano-biotechnology. A managing member in the ‘Israeli Cannabinoid Center’ and co-authored almost 50 patents.

Ronit Shaltiel-Karyo, 



A leading researcher with vast experience in drug development and delivery. Holds a Ph.d in biotechnology from THU and brings 7 years of experience from the , pharm industry in the field of research, innovation and product management.

Dr. Dudu Polak, MD

Expert in Immunology and
anti-inflammatory research

A faculty member in the Hebrew University and a leading researcher in the Hadassah Ein Kareem medical center. Has massive track record of successful projects.

Eran Zakut

Expert in Business Development and Financials Investments

Eran is a creative creator of cross - countries and continents investments opportunities. He has more than 25 years of experience in establishing and managing investments.

Eden Firoz

Co-Founder &COO

An operational expert in the cannabis industry, with deep knowledge in Israeli regulation. Expert in the licensing process of medical cannabis operations.

Has experience in the cultivation and production

of MC.

Dana Yarden, MD

Medical Advisor

Dr. Yarden brings with her more than 10 years of experience in medical R&D, biotechnology, business development and clinical research. Formerly Dana served as the Clinical and BD Affairs Officer at Collplant and BioLineRx


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